May 24, 2024


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Inexpensive Skin Tag Removal at Home

Got a tag on your body but don’t want the expense of having it burned, frozen or cauterized off by a licensed professional? Well, the good news is that there are several ways to remove a skin tag at home inexpensively and all you have to lose is the time it may take. One word of warning though; removing a tag naturally, like using a home remedy, may take a few days to a couple months for it to work. The good news is that the only thing it will cost you is time and if you have the patience, then some of these remedies may be the solution to your skin tag problem.

How to remove a skin tag if you have absolutely no money

I personally don’t know how effective this is but have heard a lot of people who have tried it claim that it works. Duct tape. The procedure is simple. You simply cover the tag with duct tape every night and it eventually falls off.

The reason why this works is the adhesive in duct tape irritates the surrounding skin around the tag and it eventually forms a scab and falls off.

Another creative way (and one that some dermatologists actually recommend as an alternative to freezing or cutting the skin tag off) is taking a piece of string and tying it around the base of the tag. The tag needs blood flow to continue to grow. With this method, you are cutting off its need for existence. This route can take a couple days to a couple weeks to work.