July 14, 2024


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How to buy thin wine fridges?

With narrow models available in the market, we can also consider buying a wine cooler for a limited space. Whether you’re an owner of a bar who wants multiple thin wine fridges to create some unique style or you’re a wine enthusiast who wants to dedicate his little house space to a wine fridge, you shouldn’t forget to buy the best model in the market that is energy efficient, budget-friendly and meets your needs.

Following are the best models that you should always consider when deciding to buy;

  1. New Air 7-bottle built-in wine chiller
  2. Silent freestanding dual zone wine fridge by Wine Enthusiast
  3. Husky HN6 Slimline wine cooler

Because the units are thinner, they are more environmentally friendly and hence consume less energy, leaving them less expensive to operate. 

Finally, because of its small size, a thin wine fridge can often keep a colder level with fewer temperature variations.

What to consider when buying a thin wine fridge

You can narrow down your choices based on these factors that you need to consider when buying a thin wine fridge;

  1. Width of the cooler

The measurements including length and width even depth is important to note down. It is because large fridges will not fit if the space for the fridge at your home will not be enough to place it. The measurements are available on all the websites. Check them before purchasing them.

  1. Type of wine cooler

With variety and diversity in the style, design, installation, and other factors, the wine coolers are divided into different wine coolers based on technology, design, and working. The most common types are Thermoelectric, compressor, dual-zone, single-zone, freestanding and integrated. A Thermoelectric system uses electrolyzed rodes and all the work is done through electricity which maintains temperature. A Compressor wine cooler works similarly to a standard refrigerator. The only difference is it works on a vapour compression cycle. Single zone and dual-zone working are the same but they differ based on the number of temperature controls. As the name implies, a single-zone cooler has one temperature control and a dual-zone cooler has two temperature controls. For freestanding and integrated coolers, the difference is freestanding coolers don’t require installation and integrated coolers do.

  1. Temperature zone

Every sommelier, lover, and dealer will have their preferences for bottles to enjoy and keep. This implies you’ll have to think about to what degree your wine should be kept since this will influence which chiller is appropriate. The ideal temperature range should be up to 65 C.

  1. Warranty

Considering wine refrigerators are pretty pricey equipment, you would like to be able to rest comfortably realizing that your investment is backed by a solid guarantee that will last for years. That’s why it would be necessary to search for the necessary documentation for each of the coolers.

  1. Cost

The price of a wine fridge is a key determining factor, and since everyone has a limitation, it’s vital to consider this when looking at all of the possibilities.