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A brief insight into Victorian Architecture and Interior Design!

Everything you need to know about Victorian Interior Design

Ornate walls, plush antiques, graceful gable, and all the glisten, this is what people generally visualize when they hear Victorian Architecture. And although they come true, there is much more than this to Victorian Architecture. With its birth around the 1830s, Victorian Design has seen a lot till. We spoke to the Indian expert about Victorian Architecture – Radvi – Best Architect in Coimbatore and the rest of India. Radvi’s unique approach encapsulates absolutely everything when it comes to properties. And here is the wisdom that it revealed to us.

Victorian Design and Architecture Style was based on the idea that beauty must exceed practicality!

The history of Victorian Style Architecture!

So the story began somewhere around when Queen Victoria was on the throne. This particular era from 1830 to early 1900 was known as the Victorian era. This Victorian Era harbored many styles like Gothic, Italianate, Anne, Romanesque, etc. The primary influence of Victorian Style has been the Gothic Style. This style used spikes and ornate and all that complex beauty. It was this that people loved.

The philosophy around the Victorian era was to value beauty over functionality and practicality. A 6×4 mirror can let you see yourself. Very fine! But not very fine for the Victorians! It was far too plain and unbeautiful for them. They could compromise over functionality but not beauty. And this is the motif of all the Victorian Style Architecture and Interior Design.

If you just look at the dress of the Victorians, you’ll see the many elements of it. They used corsets, hoops, yards full of fabric flowing behind, and threads and threads and threads. It was their idea of grandeur, elegance, and beauty.

And then came the industrial revolution to produce all this ornate and extravagance at a faster pace and a cheaper rate. The machines could now produce in big numbers. This led to the price drop. And this price drop helped the common Victorians to experience the Victorian style too. But soon after 1900 this style started to fall. However, nothing dies forever completely. Even now people take elements of Victorian style into the interior design. There are companies that are experts in this. Radvi’s unique approach encapsulates absolutely everything when it comes to properties as we have told you. It is the Best Architect in Coimbatore and knows things about different interior design styles.

The features of Victorian Style!

Now, to have a hawk-eye view of an area does not give you the true insight into it. It is better to plunge and know what things really are on the ground. Just like any other architectural style, Victorian Style has its features too. These features decide if an interior design style is Victorian or not Victorian.

So, here are the features of Victorian Style Architecture –

Grandeur shown in height

The Victorian-style houses generally used to be two or three stories in height. The idea was to make it look grand and beautiful. What different would a house be if it is on the ground alone? A house must be different than all that is present around. And they all knew that rarity is beauty.

The trims are decorative!

If it is plain, it is not beautiful. And this same was true when it came to the edges of gambles or other wall edges. They used to be beautifully trimmed in different shapes. The most common one was called the Gingerbread Trim.

Use of Ornate Designs!

When it came to patterns and designs, they used designs that were complex and excessive. Too many curves and too many other geometries were used to create beautiful patterns and designs. And then these designs were used on things. The furniture used to have ornate carvings, the mirrors ornate designs, the dress ornate embroidery.

Towers and Towers!

A vaulted roof and a two-three stories house was not enough, it had to go further grand. For this they used to have towers besides gambles in their homes. These towers used to be usually round with pointed roofs.

Textured Walls!

When all the things are getting adorned with beauty, how can walls remain absent? The victorian walls used to have patterns on them. Some used to use shillings, some masonry, half-timbering, etc. This was the idea that walls must not look plain and simple. There is no joy and beauty in simplicity. It was their idea!

Colors started to emerge!

Up until the Victorian era houses used to be painted in a monochromatic scale. There were white houses, brown houses, or plain houses, etc. But then the Victorian idea again kicked in that simplicity has no beauty. So, Victorians started using several colors to paint their home. They started using vibrant colors like Yellow, Sienna, etc.

Excessive Decors!

Now, it all comes down to decor items. Victorian people used to use lots of expensive items to decorate the interior. These expensive decor items used to spill off a sense of richness around. But this trend was more common in rich houses of the upper-class people.

Their furniture too used to have expensive upholstery with designs and patterns and textures to them. If it was plain, it was of no gain.

These are all the features that defined Victorian Style back then. But with time it kept on changing and slowly died off. There still are houses around the world that are styled in the Victorian theme.

The hassles in Victorian Style!

Although it used to be a sight of delight, its maintenance was a mere hassle. Because patterns used to be lush and extensive, a small break here and there used to cost. Walls and gambles and furniture and windows and doors and mirrors and all that ornate pattern were hard to repair. Why? Because complex patterns were hard to restore.

But these were the problems of that era. Now we have the technology and improved industries to help get things done easily. The wall trims come ready-made. The shingles are easy to make and replace. The ornate items are not very expensive as they were back then. The decor items are many. Furthermore, the architectural design and development technology has improved a lot.

How to get a Victorian Style house?

If we talk about India, there are not many Victorian styled houses around. But you can contact an expert interior designer and architecture and ask one to design and develop such a home for you. If you luckily find one, make sure to check it thoroughly for any issues or dangerous items like asbestos (which was previously used). Or you may try other luxury villas around. If you live in Coimbatore and are looking for the best architect in Coimbatore, then we suggest you Radvi. Radvi’s unique approach encapsulates absolutely everything when it comes to properties and you can contact them to discuss things further. They are experts in many architectural styles.