May 16, 2022


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Zerorez, the environmentally friendly carpet cleaning company

For several years, folks have had their carpets cleaned with chemicals and cleaners that, if they ended up straightforward, may not want to have about their youngsters or pets. Now, there is certainly a business named Zerorez that aims to get the very same success of a clear carpet, rug, or upholstery, without having all those harsh elements.

Standard carpet cleaners typically use outdated cleaning approaches that use soaps, detergents, and chemical compounds. These chemical substances will connect to the carpet fibers attracting dirt and other undesired substances.

The Zerorez® cleaning method has a few essential differentiators to give carpets a additional extensive clear and a substantially rapidly dry time.

Their cleansing procedure is a groundbreaking, non-poisonous, water-based cleaning agent referred to as Zr Clean™️. Zr Clean™️ is increased h2o that is electrolyzed and oxidized to make a impressive cleansing solution without having hazardous toxic compounds or chemical substances and is 100 % inexperienced.

The Zerorez® multi-floor cleaner employed with the Zr process™ is a professional-grade oxidative h2o answer that is non-harmful for persons and animals.

Zr lifter® uses counter-rotating brushes to dislodge trapped hair, dead pores and skin, and deeply embedded grime from the carpet without harming the fibers.

Their patent-pending Zr wand™ uses a 180° loop spray to rinse carpet fibers entirely. This device effectively gets rid of all of the garbage in the carpets devoid of flooding carpets.

After the cleansing is completed, Zerorez will deliver supporters to dry the carpet, and it will be clear and all set for use in advance of they even go away the dwelling.

To understand more about Zerorez, or to guide an appointment, visit or get in touch with 616-288-4644.

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