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Why You Should Use Natural Stone in Your Interior Design


Natural stone is an everlasting trend, and its decorative and practical advantages make it an ideal material for a multitude of decorative projects in the construction industry. Thus, its long-lasting, durable, environmentally friendly, and adaptable nature makes it a truly versatile material.

The Many Advantages of Choosing Natural Stones for Interior Design

To decorate your home, you want to have something unique to incorporate into the walls and other residential settings. With natural stone, you can transform your living room into a cozy place to entertain your guests. Nowadays, natural stone tiles are gaining popularity and are increasingly being used in numerous kitchens or bathroom renovation projects. Of the many choices of natural stones available, you can use the Burgundy stone, which makes for excellent decor for the living room.

Interior design is becoming important and desirable by the day, and among the trends in the AEC industry are modern, sophisticated, elegant, and timeless styles promoting natural aesthetics. This is why CAD details also recommends the usage of materials such as wood or stone; as these are now widely accepted in modern architecture. Read on to find out more about the use of natural stone to beautify spaces and the main characteristics of this raw material.

The Characteristics That Stones Give to Spaces in Interior Design

Stone is a material being used since the origins of the construction industry, which proves, thanks to its versatility, that it will never go out of style. Natural stone can be used as a structural element or as a decoration element in your home. The main characteristics that it offers are texture, durability, and varied colors.

The texture of rooms surfaces is very important in interior design, and natural stone provides you with numerous possibilities. For example, you can use natural textured stone on the living room walls for your fireplace mantel or on your headboard wall to create an accent.

Polished stone can be found on counter surfaces, backsplash in the kitchen, and sometimes in the bathroom. In addition, the colors of the natural stones will make the visage of your home a real work of art, because the geological ridges create unique patterns in the stones so that the interior spaces decorated with stones adopt a unique character.

Interior Design: A Rustic-Modern Bathroom

bathroom with natural stones

Natural stone cladding is a good alternative to give elegance to any bathroom. The beauty of natural stone arises precisely from its simplicity, which is able to generate a sober, subtle, rustic, and modern atmosphere.

If you decide to renovate your bathroom with a natural stone covering, we advise you to include it in your Italian-inspired shower by using the same stone on the floor and on the walls of the shower. You will have to opt for light tones for better brightness.

Marble has the advantage of evaporating moisture, it is durable, it is not slippery and it definitely gives elegance to spaces. Your bathroom will turn out to be a true masterpiece.

Stone Walls, A Trend in Interior Decoration

natural stone wall

Usually, when we talk about utilizing natural stones in your interior decoration, you’re bound to think about slate kitchen tables, and small river pebbles in the bottom of showers; however, a trend in interior design is stone cladding room walls.

Stones can bring warmth and beauty to any architectural style. It is therefore perfect as an interior wall covering, especially in the living room, kitchen, or an accent wall in the bedroom, as these are large spaces. If the room where you want to install the stone cladding has a classic style, we recommend using textured natural stones, such as granite and marble. If you prefer a minimalist style, you can opt for white stone walls, which make the space seem open.

Another wall where the stones look good is the one next to the stairs in multi-level houses. In these cases, stones with brilliant tones are perfect.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Flooring

natural stone flooring

The integration of natural stone in the decoration of the house is suitable for both interior and exterior decoration. Some tough and durable natural stones become smoother over time. The usefulness of natural stone is that this material is similar to a noble material. It comes in several shades and adapts to different decor styles. By advocating the installation of natural stone flooring, the home is adorned with an aesthetic and authentic decor.

From the large variety of natural stones available in the markets, you can choose Basalt as base-material and Blue Stone as its decoration. These can be procured from commercial cast stone manufacturers along with other varieties of stones and tiles.

Basalt is a natural stone that gives more cachet to interior decorations. This stone originates from an eruptive rock and is a very hard tile that is resistant to wear. The low porous material does not need specific protection against residues. The use of basalt as a natural stone has several advantages. It is one of the most popular materials in terms of interior decorations and the perfect choice as a floor tile.

The Elements That Transform Your Kitchen to An Elegant Room

natural stone in kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places in the house where architectural designs with stone details are a real hit. Natural stones help maintain a work table without scratches and with an intense color at all times, before installing natural stone on the work surface, it is important to know your work habits well, this is what will guide in the right choice of stone and color. On the kitchen floor, we would recommend using dark stones.

In short, natural stones are a great option for interior decoration. They are durable and timeless. They never go out of style! Natural stones are the ideal solution when it comes to remodeling a building.


There are a variety of ways to include natural stone in your interior decoration plans. The luxurious and versatile quality of natural stone lets you combine it with other materials throughout your home to create a visage that gives unique and natural vibes. The wide variety of colors it comes in and the fact that no two pieces are the same means that every room in your house can benefit from the inclusion of natural stone.

If you’re thinking about including natural stone in your contemporary interior, you’ll find that CADdetails is full of ideas, inspiration, and resources for everything to do with innovative architecture and exceptional interior design.


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