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If you reside in your household long plenty of, you’re inevitably likely to will need a new roof. When you do, you will have a option of either tearing your present roof off and starting up from scratch or recovering your latest roof. Learn the big difference in between a reroof vs. tear off and the positive aspects and shortcomings to support you slender down your final decision.

Most of the time, the selection is pretty crystal clear-lower. If a major storm has blown off fifty percent the shingles of your home or if a substantial tree limb has obliterated a very good chunk of the roof, there’s only just one way to go. At that issue, you will also in all probability will need to replace the underlayment or even roof decking.

Or maybe the roof was inadequately mounted in the very first spot. As a lot as we like to think our households had been all designed with the exact same attention to element, specified contractors may possibly not choose the time and hard work they should–especially if they are out to make a speedy buck. They don’t commonly last pretty lengthy, but their blunders remain.

If the roof was mounted badly and there are leaks during the roof, you may possibly require to exchange all of the components of the roofing technique. If the leaks have been permitted to linger, there may even be structural harm to the attic as nicely. At that point, the reroof vs. tear-off discussion is moot.

In point, there is typically only just one cause you’d select a reroof (sometimes known as an overlay): You want to make a key alter to the look of your property. An up to date roof can increase price straight away, strengthening the suppress enchantment of your household and getting a providing level. But the situations will need to be right.

Tear the Roof Off

As the title indicates, tearing off your roof usually means you will be starting from scratch when it will come to the roofing product. A person of the good factors about this technique is that you will be equipped to see issues spots, this kind of as spots that have started to rot or have turn into harmed.

Another great factor about wholly tearing your roof off is you can boost the general price of your dwelling need to you ever choose to sell your property. Most roofing products right now arrive with 20 or 30-yr warranties, so a manufacturer new roofing alternative is like hitting the refresh button on its lifespan.

As for shortcomings, tearing your roof off is a lot more highly-priced than a recovery or roof overlay. There is significantly a lot more labor when you tear off the aged roof, not to point out the disposal of the previous roofing. The roof alternative method could also insert a different working day to the set up.

The Reroof Process

Fundamentally, you place a new layer of shingles around an existing roof. The current roofing product should be in very good condition for the reason that you do not want to just protect up hassle spots. When you place a new roof on top of the present roof, concerns will be a lot more difficult to locate and handle.

While this process may well help save you cash, you need to familiarize you with the down sides. Although recovering your roof is normally a feasible alternative, at some issue you will at some point have no preference but to tear your roof off. When that happens, you’ll will need to clear away an more layer of roof, which tends to make finding a new roof additional labor-intensive and pricey.

Just be certain county codes and makers say a 2nd layer can be put in, this may perhaps not be the situation in some circumstances. It relies upon on the type of roofing and the situation of the roof and construction. An additional roofing layer could exceed excess weight limitations.

Reroof vs. Tear-Off: Generating a Final decision

Right before you base your final decision entirely on funds or if it will assist the home’s resale worth, it is greater that you speak about the pros and disadvantages with a roofing expert. Some of the components that help establish your selection incorporate how a great deal more time your roof is anticipated to very last, how numerous leaks you’ve had in the past that originated from your roof, and the in general issue of your roof.

An additional thing to think about is what sort of roofing content you want to use. In most cases, a reroof vs. tear-off could appear down to what the new roof will consist of. For illustration, if you currently have a shingle roof, and want to install a steel roof, a reroof is not an choice due to the fact of the set up system.

The industry experts of Warner Roofing are below to enable, whether you come to a decision to get well your roof or tear it off. To master extra, give us a simply call at 360-694-0249.


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