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What Does Tongue and Groove Flooring Mean?


Ready to set up a new ground? Amongst the several conclusions you will be making contains the set up system.

Whether or not you’re leaning in direction of common hardwood or engineered plans, these floorings have appear a long way since the early days when freshly slice boards had been nailed jointly to create a uniform walking route. Today’s wood surfaces are smoother than ever prior to, partly simply because of the production that goes into the solution very long just before it would make it by way of your door.

Tongue and groove flooring is pretty simple to install. Its wooden planks are all created with both of those protruding and concave areas that in the long run in good shape collectively like items of a puzzle. These tongue and groove floorboards make it uncomplicated to set up. 1 tongue suits firmly into the groove of the adjoining board, building a flat floor with minor vertical motion concerning them. It creates just sufficient space to allow for expansion and contraction as environmental conditions regulate centered on seasons and weather conditions.

What is tongue and groove flooring 

Tongue and groove flooring is not a new notion. It was made again in the late 1800s as producers started mass-generating hardwood planks. As hardwood grew in recognition, generating a procedure for effortless manufacturing as perfectly as set up commenced to go through transformation. Uncovered nail heads ended up generally a issue. Tongue and groove flooring hides or forgoes nails, so building a smoother surface area.

What Does Tongue and Groove Flooring Mean?A person aspect of the board has a protruding tongue, although the other has a concave groove. During set up, the ridge of one facet of the board is equipped into the groove of an adjacent board, building a limited and very well-equipped seam. As the ground is equipped jointly, you can use adhesive, solution nailing, or a floating method to hold it in area.

Tongue and groove or non-grooved planks

If you are new to tongue and groove technology, you may possibly be inquiring: what if you set up non-grooved planks?

Non-grooved planks would simply just be hardwood planks the very same top and width on every aspect of the board. Tongue and groove flooring was launched mainly because of the challenges it solves:

  • Shrinkage
  • Warping
  • Working unfastened more than time
  • Nail heads showing and generating uneven surfaces

Mainly because the unique floorboards interlock, they’re less likely to heave or demonstrate gaps as they grow and go dependent on shrinkage and swelling, which wooden has a tendency to do as the natural environment modifications more than time. The grooves are sufficient to preserve planks in position, and manage properly about time.

That will make them the chosen option in hardwood planks, a person that is utilised pretty much solely for the two traditional and engineered hardwood.

Tongue and groove or click on and lock – what’s the distinction?

Click and lock technologies is a lot more recent to the marketplace. It will take the puzzle format of tongue and groove a person phase even further, and provides you the capability to lock the individual planks collectively, making a easy area space that holds jointly.

You won’t will need any other mechanism for holding the planks in position. Adhesive, nails, even staples will not be vital. The unique planks lock alongside one another as they feed across the surface, from 1 aspect of the area to another.

Click on and lock is a do-it-yourselfer’s desire. It has a similar format to the traditional tongue and groove mechanism. It differs for the reason that it has an interlocking profile about the edge that makes it quick to simply click and lock with each other. Since it holds jointly with out attaching to a subfloor, it will make it uncomplicated to install, even around present flooring.

It can be mounted right more than a lot of other flooring products and solutions, which signifies you won’t have the added price of ripping out aged flooring. This only will work with flooring with a easy floor region currently in location. Carpet nevertheless have to be ripped out, as nicely as uneven problematic flooring.

Simply click and lock has been extended past regular and engineered hardwood to involve laminate and vinyl planks that resemble hardwood. That provides do-it-yourselfers lots of alternatives.

Advantages of tongue and groove flooring

Why did tongue and groove become the standard in the hardwood plank business? Since of the smooth area location designed when the planks are fitted with each other.

The most significant gain to a tongue and groove flooring is the restricted fit made as the boards come with each other. This limited seem to be lessens the chance of seepage in in between, indicating the flooring will maintain up and search newer longer.

This limited healthy also implies the set up method is a lot easier. It will require a minimal volume of nailing or gluing to assure the floorboards keep in position.

Due to the fact tongue and groove planks are the norm, you will come across them in each pre-completed and web-site-concluded plank flooring items. If you decide for site-completed, the sealant will deliver a protective coating more than the full area region, blocking out potential trouble areas amongst the planks. This can make several hardwood flooring floor areas drinking water-resistant, standing up superior to all your household can dish out.

Disadvantages of tongue and groove flooring

As you are weighing your possibilities for what flooring choice will finest match your needs, retain in mind that tongue and groove flooring does have a number of cons.

Ahead of you install it, it is important to appropriately acclimate it to your home’s environment. If the boards are swollen owing to humidity or humidity, the tongue and groove process can be complicated to implement. The boards might not sign up for alongside one another.

When you push, striving to power the joints alongside one another, the tongues can very easily break off. This renders them worthless, and will have to have you to obtain far more content to end the set up.

The tongue and groove system is virtually normally regarded as just one-time use. Soon after the tongue and groove system is joined, it’s tough, if not unachievable, to pull them back apart. If you endeavor to force them apart, you will almost generally expertise significant breakage.

Is tongue and groove flooring suitable for your house?

No matter whether you choose classic or engineered hardwood flooring, tongue and groove mechanism will most most likely be in place. This results in a clean, practical area spot that will present you with the finest final results around time.

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