May 24, 2024


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Upholstery Fabrics That Are Best For Pet

No matter how much you love your pets, there are times when they can irritate or annoy you, when they are extra hyper, that causes their hair to be all around the room, especially on the couch.

But because you love them, it is only your duty as a responsible pet owner to provide them with upholstery fabrics that are animal-friendly. And would not take too much of your time maintaining.

Because of this, you should consider what fabrics are animal friendly? Fortunately, we listed here high-quality fabrics that are best for you and your pets.

Woven Fabric: Chenille

Chenille may look fuzzy on the outside because it is woven high quality fabric made from different fibers. Each tread may contain cotton, wool, and silk. However, it is squishy and fluffy, which makes it comfortable despite its look.

This fabric was first made in France. Chenille is born out of two warp threads that are twisted around the weft thread. They call this process the leno method. The end product will be cut into strips to make chenille yarn.

Chenille can also be best for your rugs and carpets. After all, Chenille is famous material used in carpets. Its fuzzy yarn makes it soft, deep pile, and comfortable.
Your pets would love this material and even though they are naughty at times, Chenille yarns will not easily break.

Go Leather

Since then, leather has been produced by using animal skins and preserving them with a chemical, so you can use them for clothing, furniture, wearables, tools, and high-quality fabric.
This material has been with us for at least more than 7 000 years. It is made by drying fresh skins in the sun that is followed by thumping and drenching in salt. The Egyptians and Hebrews first developed leather about 400 BCE.

Today there exists what we call artificial leather. This product is an imitation of leather, which is commonly from dried plants or rotten fruits. They also have their advantages over genuine leather.

It has the strength of genuine leather. Did I mention already that you can have them at a much lower price? However, nothing can beat the original. It is best if you are on a tight budget and would want less labor. You can go with artificial leather.


You can easily prevent liquids from going into your couch if you use velvet. Its short fibers will prevent your pet’s pee to get through. It is best if you want to avoid any emergencies. I guess your pet is now perfectly trained not topeecouches.

This type of high-quality fabric has a tight weave and low pile. So it is known as a luxurious and delicate material.

Apart from that, this material is not so hard to clean. You can just dry vacuum it, and the dirt would just go away. It is material is perfect for your pet’s items like your pet’s kennel.

Herringbone Weave

The Roman Empire uses the herringbone in their roadway and building. It looks like an interlocking pavement that is built on top of crushed stones. It was a durable pattern because it absorbs the compression of football and traffic.

This pattern was applied to Ancient Egyptian jewelry of elite family. Today, this pattern is now seen in high quality fabrics.

A high-quality fabric that has a Herringbone weave looks like a broken yard goods weave. It appears to be of a zigzag pattern. If you look closely it appears to be a feather or a quill. Sometimes it is the small details that can make something ordinary special.

The designer of this fabric can add a different color so that the design would stand out more. You can see by its look that its weave is stable and beautiful. If you love an artistic upholstery fabric for your home that is an advantage to your pets, this kind is perfect for you.

Final Thoughts

As a general rule for choosing high quality fabrics, look for something with the correct pattern, texture, color, and tight weave. Take note that darker colors help hide pet hair and dirt. However, having a pet with white hair would require you to get a lighter high-quality fabric.

Would you like to see your pets in these high-quality fabrics? Just request your desired measurement and material, and we will reach you if it is already ready. We have lots of designs and materials that you and your pet would love.