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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 11, 2022


Soiled ceiling vents can bring about wellness difficulties. Also: You don’t require a professional to fix a chip on a granite countertop. (Photographs from Donna De Cant and MichaelRLong, Getty Photos)

This week, we’re supplying tips on how to mend a cracked sloped ceiling, how to clean up a popcorn ceiling all-around a vent and how to deal with a chipped granite countertop.

A Resolution to a Cracking Sloped Ceiling

This sloped vaulted ceiling is setting up to bubble and crack. (Picture illustration utilizing illustrations or photos from Jim Marsh)

The sloped vaulted ceiling in Jim Marsh’s Thousand Oaks, Calif., townhome is loosening from the rafter and beginning to bubble and crack.

Contractors have suggested him from patching the difficulty regions because of how big the ceiling is (it’s 17 toes vast by 53 toes extensive!). He wishes to know if it’s structurally audio to location drywall more than current drywall.

Initial off, we agree with what the contractors are telling Jim. With such a big ceiling, if you had been to try to scrape the spots and blend them in with a knockdown finish, they would still stand out.

Also, extra cracks could pop up. 

And indeed, you can put drywall around existing drywall. The procedure of accomplishing that is identified as veneering, and quarter-inch drywall is available for this. 

You’ll want to discover where every single ceiling joist is and pop chalk lines on just about every one particular. Then, insist on applying screws, not nails, so they’ll stay in area and won’t pop out.

One more alternative is to tear out the ceiling and start off from scratch. The bubbling could be prompted by a humidity difficulty, so performing this will expose if that is the situation.

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Cleaning a Popcorn Ceiling

If you have a filthy A/C ceiling vent like this, you might require to change more than just the air filter. (Photograph by Donna De Cant)

Grime is accumulating outdoors the ceiling vent in Donna De Cant’s home in Are living Oak, Fla. She’s tried out to clear the ceiling, but only the popcorn texture will come off, not the grime.

To clear a popcorn ceiling, use the upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Unscrew the vent from the ceiling and clear the grill with oxygen bleach or yet another cleansing agent. Oil up the shifting sections with equipment oil

If the grime has stained it, mix some warm water and oxygen bleach in a spray container, and thoroughly spray the ceiling. Never oversaturate it or the popcorn ceiling will arrive free. 

After it is dry, go about it with a stain-blocking primer and paint it. 

So what is resulting in this? The vent is blowing air out, and in that air are dust particles. Whenever you are altering your A/C filter, vacuum out the space powering the return air vent. 

Also, moisture in the air can make those dust particles stain the ceiling. Humidity could occur from the air or you could have leaky ductwork. Make confident the humidity in your property isn’t much too substantial, and have an air conditioner technician test your ductwork to make absolutely sure it’s sealed effectively. 

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Restoring Chips on a Granite Countertop

There is a fast correct for repairing chips in granite counter tops. (MichaelRLong, Getty Photos)

Granite is a normal substance, so there are different levels of stone that can loosen up. This, in switch, can make them susceptible to chipping.

Basically dropping a can from a cupboard can lead to a knick on the surface area.

To restore chips in granite, you can use epoxy glue. It dries a cloudy grey coloration so it will mix in with darker-coloured countertops.

It can be tricky to blend it to match since each individual granite countertop has a distinctive shade texture.  

For a far more precise fix that won’t stand out, invest in a ProCaliber Granite Fix Package. No coloration matching is vital for this package.

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