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The Dos and Don’ts of Exterior House Painting


Good paint can effortlessly add to your home’s value and change the entire ambiance of the home. Regardless of the color, a fresh coat of exterior paint can completely transform a home’s appearance, safeguard it against harsh elements, and modernize it. Therefore, every homeowner should not overlook the essence of good paint on the house’s exterior.

Painting, however, has its rules. There are the dos and don’ts concerning painting to create a compelling appearance. Painting contractors Seattle professionals have the expertise to help you choose the ideal painting styles that suit your needs.


The Dos and Don’ts of Exterior House Painting


Dos Of Painting

  • Hire a Professional Painter with a Good Reputation

Unless you are ready to get dirty, climb up and down ladders, and work all day outside, you are better off with a painting pro. House painting requires considerable physical labor and skills.

So, a painter may be ideal for exterior house painting. Nevertheless, consider hiring painting contractors with a good reputation and positive reviews from prior clients.

  • Employ Proper Paint Formula with The Recommended Methods

You must employ the proper painting techniques for a flawless result. Water-based latex dries up more quickly, and you can easily clean it up compared to oil-based alkyd. Latex is less likely to fracture and can withstand UV better than alkyd. These are the basic rules of painting that can help you achieve excellent painting results.

Additionally, it is wise to begin work from the top on your way down, apply the w-shaped painting technique, and consider overhangs first. There is no shortage of advice on the proper painting technique to employ. Do your homework and find out what the professionals advise for your painting project.

  • Come Up with a Color Scheme

You can choose the ideal color scheme for each home area using various color samples. Your home’s accent, body, and trim should each have a distinct hue that complements the others. Working with neutral tones and matching the accent and trim color can be effective.

  • Check For the Right Weather

Not every weather may be conducive for painting. While too much sun may harm your health and the painting projects, colder days are no different. The viscosity of the paint can be impacted by temperature, which makes the task less effective.

Too much sun may cause the paint to dry quickly, which may not be suitable for a flawless result. Low temperatures also make the surface less adherent. If feasible, work in the shade and a temperature between 50- and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Dos and Don’ts of Exterior House Painting


The Don’ts of Painting

Here is what to avoid in your painting project:

  • Don’t Limit Yourself to one Bright Tone

Having more than one vivid hue can make your neighborhood unsightly, even if it can be a nice accent color. Keep the trim and accent color to a more neutral tone if you want to utilize a bright color on the exterior of your property.

  • DON’T skimp on the preparatory work

It takes careful planning to produce a paint job that looks professional. You should avoid skipping any necessary steps for a practical painting project. Use a drop cloth to cover paved areas, flowerbeds, plants, and decks.

Sand the external surface and scrape off any blistered or fractured paint to ensure that primer or paint will adhere properly. To remove dust, wash the surfaces. Finally, apply the primer necessary for even coverage on bare wood, painting over dark or brilliant colors, or applying latex over existing oil paint.

Are you planning to undertake a painting job? Hire painting contractors for the best results and avoid shoddy work that may come with DIY projects. Contact them today for a quote.



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