May 24, 2024


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RTA Kitchen Cabinets

There is a way for a person on a limited budget to afford a completely new set of wooden kitchen cabinets at a much lower price than standard cabinets. This solution is called RTA kitchen cabinets and it can save a homeowner quite a bit of money.

RTA stands for ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. Most RTA kitchen cabinets are shipped to the consumer partially assembled. The average set of RTA cupboard arrives as a series of ready assembled plywood cabinet to which wood kitchen cupboard exteriors are attached. This provides for a very strong and easy to assemble the set of products.

The average person with a basic knowledge of cabinetry should have no trouble assembling such cabinets and installing them. Instructions are usually included along with the products.

The main advantage to RTA cabinets is usually the cost, a set of ready to assemble drawers and cupboards can often be ordered online for less than half the price of the standard set. Since the standard price of sets of kitchen cabinets now costs around $10,000 now this means that a set of RTA cabinets can be ordered for less than $5,000.

The biggest savings will come by ordering them online direct from the manufacturer. Manufacturers can make and ship the products in less than ten days.

Another big advantage to ready to assemble cabinets is the time required to assemble them. It can often take several weeks to order and install a set of custom cabinets. A set of RTA kitchen cabinets can be ordered and assembled in less than two weeks.

There are some things that a customer should look for when ordering a set of RTA kitchen cabinets. The first is the construction of the cabinets: the cabinet exteriors should be made of real woods such as maple.

High quality cam locks which last longer and work better than standard lock assemblies should also be included. The cabinet hinges should be made of sturdy metal so that they last longer.

A major concern is the boxes or storage areas of the cabinets. These should be constructed of sturdy plywood. Plywood lasts longer and is often stronger than some of the materials used in traditional cabinets.

A final requirement is to make sure the cabinet assembly instructions are easy to access. It can be impossible to assemble and install cabinets without the instructions.