April 24, 2024


The layout of our house

Our Vintage and Antique Pieces For the Farm From Rejuvenation… Sustainable and Soulful FTW :)


One of the reasons I partnered up with Rejuvenation for the farm (beyond the locally made, timeless, high-quality lighting and furniture), was also because this company has continued to curate and invest in their vintage and antique lighting, furniture, and decor department. It’s pretty unique and as far as I know, the only larger retailer who does this. When you can manufacture new goods – a scalable business, I imagine dealing with one-offs can be hard to remain a priority (I know this first hand from when I had the online flea e-commerce store). But Rejuvenation’s roots were founded in helping people restore their homes, so vintage is part of their DNA, and they are thinking about sustainability in every way. We all know that buying vintage/used/antique is really the best thing you can do for the planet (and your home) and frankly it makes the most personal and soulful home. So three big local cheers for their renewed efforts here.

They invited me down to the factory which is where they assemble all the lighting, and also where they keep all the Rejuvenation Vintage inventory and have their antique and vintage restoration studio. My dopamine soared just thinking about it, and needless to say, it was an absolute dream day.

They were founded in 1977 in Portland, Oregon (two years older than me, ha) as an architectural salvage, lighting, and hardware restoration shop — and they have been dedicated to the process of authentic restoration ever since. I remember shopping there as a teen and got the same sense of the hunt when I was there for this trip. They are re-launching today (happy Earth Day) and really leaning into the importance of appreciating vintage as being highly sustainable. So on to what I really really want (and have) for the farm from their Rejuvenation Vintage Collection.

Our Dining Nook Table

They had aisles and aisles of vintage everything – chairs, tables, pots, cutting boards. Many of which are just launching today on their site. Somebody needs to snag that coffee table. I think it’s too small for either of our rooms, and have thought about it for the kid’s playroom (while they share a bedroom), but it’s too splurgy to get glitter glue all over it. But it’s excellent, made of pine, which I’m really into right now, and has round legs.

This trestle table had just come in and is still on hold for me for our dining nook. Right now I’m thinking we might need something with a single base (like a pedestal) but it still might work. These are on 1stDibs for $2-3K but mostly in Europe (they are Swedish or Scandinavian trestle tables) so to be able to find it locally was huge (and not deal with customs – trust me, you don’t want to – I’m still waiting on my hutch).

That dining nook shrunk a bit because the track from the sliding doors was wider than predicted (so the walls came into the room more). The table might still work, but an oval might be better. Either way, I LOVE that trestle table and if it’s not mine they’ll put it up for sale, and could be yours.

Our Dining Nook Sconce

For the sake of matching/ease/affordability, most of our light fixtures are new from Rejuvenation, but we wanted to add a few vintage pieces where it made sense (and where we didn’t need multiples, although sometimes they do stock multiples).

I absolutely panicked once I saw this on their site. It is INSANE and yet exactly what we needed. The sconce in the rendering was just a placeholder for height, as this is a perfect opportunity to do an articulating sconce over the dining nook. Something casual and vintage was exactly what I had in mind.

Here is why it works so well, our dining nook is going to be in the great room where the ceilings are exposed, so while we can rig up a fixture and hide the cord in a conduit (which we are doing in the middle of the room for our chandelier) I LOVE the idea of this sconce coming out from the wall, instead. We can lower it when we are puzzling, and raise it up when we are eating dinner there. I forget if we decided to hardwire it or leave it as a plug-in, but trust me that it’s going to be amazing.

I love that it marries the black and brass that we have in the other Rejuvenation light fixtures, while being vintage and totally unique. Just picture it where the brass double sconce is now… Killer (and no, we haven’t designed the nook yet – all TBD and on my list for next week to start tackling).

Our Entry Light

Then I found this incredible milk glass disk, that they are going to hardwire onto a stem with a vintage triple bulb fitting (and of course, we’ll put pretty bulbs in it since they’ll be exposed – RJ has an incredible bulb selection). It’s so simple, classic, pretty, and appropriate since our entryway is really small.

They have loads and loads of vintage lighting parts to be able to assemble them together and look authentic. It was totally thrilling to watch.

The profile for that pendant is much flatter than the rendering but you get the idea. Brian was underwhelmed by it until he saw it with the vintage brass fittings and pictured it with the pretty light bulbs. I LOVE IT. Super simple and understated, utilitarian yet unique. Plus being so high and flat it doesn’t compete with that stunning window pattern.

Our Vintage Kitchen Pendants

Once we chose that main fixture we went back to look for our kitchen island pendants a couple of weeks later – and we found three of these smaller versions that could hang together. I LOVE THESE, but I’m slightly worried about scale because while I love a micro-pendant even over huge islands, our sconces are normal scale so I wonder if they are going to feel off… or maybe just awesome.

These could be tricky for a few reasons, but I really want to try them. Our island is a freestanding piece and we aren’t sure where it’s going to exactly land yet so we have decided to do just one J-box in the middle of the ceiling and then swag the fixtures. So we aren’t sure exactly how long the twisted cords should be. We are going to do a mockup with cardboard and rope as soon as the drywallers are done. Possibly like this:

I know stuff like this (antique lamp parts) might not get most people going, but it sure does me. The fact that they are so invested in restoring period lighting – fixtures that aren’t in production anymore which old home purists obsess over, gives them so much credit in my book. I nerded out hard with Jordan and Justin, from the Rejuvenation Vintage team on all things vintage, makers, and told them what I’m on the hunt for, etc, while I plotted to get their job. They literally scour the world for vintage goodness to curate, and believe me I’ve pitched many many shopping trips together 🙂 France? Italy? Sweden? RoundTop?? C’mon!!

Charlie would LOVE that trunk, but I hit my trunk quota – 5 – last week…soooo). It has a hand-painted ship on the inside and was so playful and whimsical. I’m still tempted…

I’m obviously not done shopping for vintage pieces for our home, (I may never be) and I’m always on the hunt to find the right piece – so I’m VERY PLEASED that Rejuvenation is not only continuing to invest in vintage, but doing it with a renewed efforts.

Today they are launching a huge new collection as well as re-launching the whole Rejuvenation Vintage Collection, so we shopped and rounded up my favorite pieces – things I’m seriously considering for the farm unless you buy them first 🙂

1. Antique French Large Folding Table | 2. French Factory Lockers | 3. Antique Oval Mirror on Scissor Arm | 4. Vintage Primitive Side Table | 5. Danish Curved Couch | 6. Mountain and River Framed Painting | 7. Antique 2-Door Cabinet | 8. Antique Adjustable Sconce | 9. Traditional Single Drawer Desk | 10. Lyhne Task Lamp | 11. Double-Sided Vintage Sign | 12. Pair of Upholstered Chairs | 13. Bamboo Coffee Table | 14. Victorian Drop Leaf Table | 15. Mid-Century White Oak Coffee Table | 16. Worn Vintage Workbench | 17. Danish Black Leather Sofa | 18. Vintage Industrial Copper Pendant

A huge thanks to Justin and Jordan from the Rejuvenation Vintage team as well as the lovely Rejuvenation marketing team (Negina!), for a real dream day. Nerding out with other vintage furniture and lighting lovers, dishing about what past makers we are collecting, and witnessing how they are restoring pieces (that they’ll continue to add to the website) is truly a dream. Head over and see the pieces for yourself, and if you are an online vintage shopper like I am make sure to add them to your list of online sites to check. xx

*Photos by Kaitlin Green


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