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Bread has usually been much more than just dough. So why not rejoice its sale and production? Instead of adhering to conventional ideas of bakery aesthetics, this venture centered on an sincere emphasis on its important ingredients: space and baked merchandise. Situated marginally off the principal professional streets of central Athens, the preliminary area offered an unusually elevated and recessed terrace room.

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The KORA storefront and bakery thus signify a sort of stage for the generation and display screen of baked items. The presentation of these products and their accompanying generation processes are conceived as a transparent spectacle. The system of baking and the presentation of merchandise are perceived by means of a significant wall of rotating metal cabinets. Shifting scenarios of open up, semi-open, and closed facade elements allow for not only for sights of distinct types of products and solutions but also into the generation place by itself.

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The threshold involving inside of and outdoors is joined by an interactive perforated metallic wall. A kinetic wall that can act as a shutter, an aperture, or a display screen floor. The metallic wall is comprised of 50 unique trays that rotate independently all over a central axis into diverse positions. When vertical they give the least transparency whilst letting for sights of silhouettes and mild coming by way of the perforation of the steel.

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When horizontal they supply the most transparency by acting as a functional surface area for display, prepared to accommodate a terrific variety of baked items. Last but not least, the 45-degree angle lets for partial views of the track record as well as an perfect product display screen for the visibility of buyers. Via the addition and sale of various goods, the kinetic wall is thus always transforming in its outer visual appearance. It concurrently acts as a shutter, boundary in direction of the exterior, aperture to the spectacle of baking, and a system for displaying baked solutions alongside with distinct scenarios.

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Apart from producing a practical spectacle, hygiene and upkeep performed even further crucial roles in the assortment of supplies and shades. Jointly with the moveable kitchen area equipment, the light-coloured, long lasting, and non-porous surfaces of the decrease half embody a kind of atmospheric lightness. They consequently not only symbolize but basically are areas that demand day-to-day cleaning and lower routine maintenance. In contrast, all elements on the ceiling and earlier mentioned the essential hygienic degree of 2 meters, relate to mechanical and lighting methods.

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Thanks to the elevated mother nature of the space, this second facade is specifically visible from the street stage. The ordinarily incoherent industrial character of such equipment was thus camouflaged by means of the application of a monochromatic colour tone that also complements the present upper developing. The ceiling and all its details therefore come to be considerably less distinguished when increasing accessibility and adaptability through the total exposure of mechanical and lights elements.

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The celebration of useful aspects on the within compliments the perpetually altering spectacle in and around the façade. Generating and consuming bread (and pastries) turns into a overall performance, whereby the boundaries among performers and spectators are blurred.

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Architects: en-route-architecture Area: 200 m² 12 months: 2020 Pictures: Mariana Bisti Manufacturers : AutoDesk, Ceramica Vogue, McNeel Lead Architects: Katerina Kourkoula, Hannes Livers Gutberlet

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