October 4, 2023


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Isabelina: Luxe Porcelain – The Brand New Aziza Collection


The team at Isabelina has just unpacked a gorgeous new range of luxury porcelain stone coffee tables, dining tables and lamps – the brand new Aziza Collection!

Each item is handcrafted locally with modern style designs, equally unique and classic – no two slabs are exactly the same – a sublime material and a true icon of excellence and exclusive luxury. Visit the Isabelina showrooms to view these works of art in person!

Beautiful porcelain stone offers a sense of timeless appeal. The use of high-end materials like porcelain stone in interior design can therefore set your room apart in terms of style and elegance.

Whether traditional or contemporary, the sheer beauty of this stoneware seems to fit in with almost any design. Some of the benefits of incorporating it into your home include:

  • Durability. It is a strong material that offers easy maintenance and longevity.
  • Porcelain stone pairs well with other materials such as wood, wrought iron and metal.
  • Create a distinct look with a mix of finishes including stoneware – an odd to the natural world outdoors.
  • Lighter stoneware will brighten up a room while darker options adds a little drama.

Placing porcelain stone tables in the home:

  • Add a stone side table to the side of your couch and create a spot to display your favourite decor.
  • A porcelain stone coffee table in the living room can be the centrepiece of your design.
  • Do you have a formal lounge? A stone table may be the missing piece to tie this room together in elegance!
  • Add a luxe factor to your bedroom with a stone side table with extra shine!



The Aziza Collection provides versatility and style with its unique range of high-end tables. Be sure to check out the collection at Isabelina.

For more visit Isabelina online.


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