February 21, 2024


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Interior Designers Share How to Keep Your Home Interesting

Stick with neutral furniture.

Neutral-toned living room.

You can add colorful accents.


Interior designer Tom Lawrence-Levy of Natural Asthetik told Insider that sticking with off-white pieces can allow for design flexibility in the future. 

“Using mainly neutral furniture means you can keep things interesting by varying accent pillows or throws when you want a different look,” said Lawrence-Levy.

Opt for one or two smaller accessories rather than furnishing an entire room in bold, unique pieces. 

Paint all the walls in a room the same color.

Meeting room or dining area with large white round table and pink chairs.

Try out textured wallpaper.

Viktoria Lytvyn/Shutterstock

Use the same color on every wall of a room to avoid future regrets. 

“Though accent walls can be fun, I find that clients usually grow bored or sick of the color relatively quickly,” said Lawrence-Levy. 

If you’re determined to do an accent wall, he suggested using a neutral color or textured wallpaper to keep things interesting but not overwhelming.

You can also pick an accent wall in a shade or two lighter or darker than the remaining panels so that the space still feels cohesive. 

Decorate for the season.

A kitchen with seasonal decor like pumpkins, gourds, and garland.

Seasonal decor can keep your space feeling fresh.


Sharleen Pyarali, interior designer and co-owner of Clickable Curations, told Insider that decorating for the season is a quick and easy way to keep your space feeling fresh. 

“Bring in florals for the spring or add some gourds and pine cones for the winter,” said Pyarali. “Designate a few areas of your space where you can arrange seasonal decor.”

A console, dining, or coffee table are great areas for displaying swappable ornaments.

Bring out what you have in storage.

Stylish open space kitchen with accessories, plants and plates. Design interior of cozy kitchen. Mosaic backgrounds wall.

Display bowls or dishes from your storage bin.


Interior designer Christina Simon of Mark Ashby Design told Insider that raiding your storage bins and closets can help you find a new look for your space at no cost.

“You can decorate with items that you normally like to hide away when not in use, like spare vases, bowls, or small dishes,” said Simon. 

She also suggested decorating with extra books, ceramics, or figurines.

Swap pillows between rooms.

Neutral-toned living room with funky pillows and large canvas.

Changing your pillows can give your room a new vibe.


A free and easy way to change up your place is to swap your pillows between rooms. 

“Collect the pillows that you have on your sofa and switch them with the pillows in your bedroom,” said Simon. “This trick can really help you think differently about your space.”

You can also switch out accessories like throws, blankets, and lamps. 

Add a new rug.

Handmade traditional rug in modern abstract style.

A new rug can completely switch up your space.

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Introducing a new rug to your space is a low-commitment way of mixing up your decor.

“Nothing can change the energy of a room like adding or changing out an existing rug,” said Simon. 

Consider adding in a fresh, new color or buying a vintage one instead. Adding a runner to a hallway can also give your home a connected, layered feel. 

Change the lighting.

A dimly-lit living room with a warm tone.

Try swapping out cooler lighting for warmer tones.


Change your lighting to transform your space’s mood and atmosphere.

“Aside from the visual look and style, different lamps also give off different light quality based on their shade and shape that can completely transform a room,” said Simon. 

Not ready to commit? Try swapping your existing bulbs for warmer or cooler ones. 

Rearrange your furniture.

Stylish beige armchair and pouf on the cozy carpet in classy living room interior with grey settee and vintage furniture

Purchase pieces that can be easily moved around in the future.


“When you start getting bored of a room, a little rearranging can completely change the look of a space,” said Pyarali. 

Consider using multifunctional pieces, such as ottomans and benches. 

Add aromatherapy or scented candles.

Bunch of candles in a dimly-lit living room.

Lighting candles can change the vibe of your space.

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Lighting a scented candle or diffusing essential oils can dramatically shift the atmosphere of your space.

“Changing the scent in your home can become a regular and inexpensive ritual to help your space come to life again,” said Pyarali. 

If you don’t want to invest in a diffuser or use artificial fragrances, try adding a vase of fresh flowers.

Refresh your linens.

Bedroom in beige tones with a large bed and a large window through which a lot of light penetrates. Minimal style in the interior. Convenient and practical location of furniture, cozy view.

Swapping out old linens can inject new life into almost any room.

Marianna_ Zh/Shutterstock

“Switch your bedsheets, kitchen towels, or shower curtains for a quick and budget-friendly way to elevate your space and keep it feeling fresh,” said Pyarali.

You can pick up affordable and fun linens at your local thrift shop. You can also splurge on fancier threads to add a touch of luxury to your home.

Use art that is meaningful to you.

Six prints of photos next to a swinging chair.

Displaying meaningful art may mean you’re less likely to want to swap it out next season.

New Africa/Shutterstock

“Never go with art that is too trendy,” said Lawrence-Levy. “Focus on pieces that you connect with to give your home character.”

Buying from a local gallery or online artisan rather than a department store can help you find pieces that speak to you. 

Vary materials and textures within a color scheme.

Luxury living room with leather sofa and oak coffee table

Mix and match different textures, like leather and wood.

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

Varying textures and materials can keep each room in your home unique. 

“Even if one color scheme runs through your home, make sure your furniture and accessories are made from different materials,” said Lawrence-Levy. 

For example, pair a brown fabric-covered chair with a leather one or adorn a green table with jade-colored accessories. 

Restyle your kitchen shelves.

Kitchen shelves with fruit, colorful mugs, flowers, and plants.

You can use bottles, jars, and flowers to add flair to your shelves.


Kitchen shelves are often static, but restyling them can add interest to your cooking space. 

“Add some greenery or flowers, pull out all your cutting boards, and display your prettier oils and bottles of vinegar,” said Simon.