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I’m a gardening expert and this is what your favourite flower says about you – it’s bad news if you like peonies


IF YOU are a enthusiast of bouquets, you’ve occur to the ideal spot. 

When it comes to decorating your property with contemporary flowers or obtaining your pots planted in your yard, you’ll most likely have a flower preference.

A gardening expert is here to reveal what your favourite flowers say about you


A gardening expert is right here to reveal what your favourite flowers say about youCredit: Getty
According to Calum Maddock, if a lily is your favourite flower, you are a hard worker


According to Calum Maddock, if a lily is your favourite flower, you are a really hard workerCredit score: Getty

While some of us may well really like a bunch of red roses, other folks may possibly favor sunflowers, or even daffodils.

In accordance to a gardening pro, it turns out that your favorite flower claims a great deal about your persona.

Calum Maddock, a gardening expert from Homehow clarifies that your favorite flower can reveal regardless of whether you’re a hopeless passionate, a challenging worker, or most likely a ‘difficult’ good friend. 

If you want to discover out more about you, you’ve occur to the suitable put – as Calum is in this article to set the document straight on what your favourite flower says about you. 

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In accordance to Calum, the rose is synonymous with conventional suggestions of really like, enthusiasm, and romance. 

He claimed: “If your favourite flower is a rose, you are unquestionably a hopeless romantic with a standard check out of enjoy.

“Your thought of exhibiting affection is handwritten poetry and adore notes and getting bouquets for any celebration. 

“However, romance is not the only detail on a rose fanatics’ intellect, as rose fans are also identified to bring out the greatest in their mates and household, as they are obviously type and loving.”


If you’d rather receive lilies, here’s what this states about your character. 

Calum stated: “If a lily is your favourite flower, then you are a challenging employee and are recognised for usually striving your very best, as the lily signifies purity and clarity.

“In addition, as lilies also symbolise natural beauty, you are most likely best acknowledged for always looking well put alongside one another whilst nevertheless running to get all your work performed – aka the person who has it all. 

“Sometimes mistaken for remaining a tad uptight, lily fans are merely properly organised and effectively put jointly.”


Regrettably for peony fans, it turns out you could possibly be a little bit high-maintenance…

Calum added: “Traditionally symbolising nobility, pride and wealth, peony enthusiasts respect the finer factors in life. 

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“Peonies are popular plants that only flower for a limited period, and this is a lot like the peony lover. 

“Peony enthusiasts get pleasure from socialising but are acknowledged for leaving the party much earlier than any one else, as they commonly have other programs to go to to. 

“If the peony is your favourite flower, then you are inclined to be the significant-servicing mate, who has all eyes on them for the shorter time you are in attendance but then leaves, normally devoid of expressing goodbye. 

“You also are likely to be the “difficult” pal that is hard to pin down, as you belong to quite a few social circles.”


But anxiety not, it’s very good information if you are a lover of tulips. 

Calum said: “Tulip lovers are modern and complex and are generally witnessed hunting their extremely ideal. 

“As the Victorians typically associated tulips with charity and offering, if your favorite flower is a tulip your adore language is certainly gifting, as you have a tendency to spoil your cherished ones with items and passion and recognize nothing a lot more than receiving a truly considerate existing.”


If you’re major on the countrywide flower of Wales, the daffodil, items are searching favourable for you and your identity. 

Calum highlighted: “If the daffodil is your favorite flower, then you are an outgoing and vivid individual. 

“Fun, energetic, still also delicate and caring, daffodil fans are known for throwing the most extravagant functions and are usually thoughtful ample to be certain each a person of their friends are possessing the greatest time.”


Sunflowers are synonymous with pleasure and happiness and in accordance to Calum, you are a beneficial, shiny individual. 

Calum stated: “Sunflowers stand for loyalty and absolutely free-spiritedness.

“As sunflowers obviously go to encounter the sunlight, if your sunflower is your favourite flower then you are naturally a beneficial man or woman as you generally see the brightness in unfavorable occasions. 

“In addition, sunflower enthusiasts prosper best when shelling out high-quality time with buddies and family members, with persons obviously drawing to your positive strength.”. 


Numerous of us would be thrilled to receive an orchid as a present, and it turns out that if you are a lover of these, there’s often some confusion about your character. 

Calum ongoing: “Orchids represent natural beauty and energy, features that are commonly mirrored in orchid enthusiasts. 

“Orchid fans are frequently mistaken for getting vain, as they enjoy very little additional than looking and sensation glamorous and are regarded for experiencing the finer issues in lifestyle. 

“As orchids could look easy and robust, they are truly quite sensitive plants, another trait which is mirrored in followers of the plants. 

“If the orchid is your best plant, then you might be recognized for your upfront nature, still you have a delicate facet and are known for staying faithful.”


Frequently referred to as “the bouquets of God,” if you like carnations, it turns out that you are ready to see matters crystal clear when situations get rough. 

Calum strengthened: “Vibrant carnations are classic and interesting flowers that symbolise like, irrespective of whether it’s passionate or platonic. 

“Carnation fans are grounded, laid-again and are inclined not to get far too invested in the small issues. 

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“Instead, they emphasis on the present and maintain a amount-headed approach to life, resulting in many of their beloved kinds flocking to them for assistance and clarity in stress filled conditions. 

“If you are a carnation lover, you may perhaps discover your buddies, family or even co-staff have a tendency to flip to you to experience greater about nerve-racking scenarios, as you are ready to see things plainly.”

Sunflower lovers are loyal and free-spirited


Sunflower lovers are faithful and free of charge-spiritedCredit history: Getty
If you like carnations, you tend to stay relaxed in stressful situations


If you like carnations, you have a tendency to continue to be calm in tense conditionsCredit score: Getty


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