July 14, 2024


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How To Get Your Carpet Cleaner Than Ever

How To Get Your Carpet Cleaner Than Ever

Don’t think you have to call a professional to get your carpets and rugs clean! Although they do have professional supplies and products, you can easily do the same job at home with the right tools. Save your money and get your carpet cleaner than ever on your own! After all, professional cleaners are anything but cheap. You’ll have to call them every time your carpet gets super dirty (which is often when you have kids and pets). This can mean expensive carpet cleaning invoices that you just don’t have the funds for right now.

Having a clean carpet isn’t just for appearances, but also for the health of your family. Dirty carpets can easily create a cluttered look with dirt and allergens hiding in dirty carpets can cause respiratory problems. Stained and spotty carpets make a clean house look dirty, too. If you have pets, their accidents can leave smelly remains that just won’t go away until the carpet is properly cleaned. There are many ways to clean your home’s carpets, depending on the mess and stains that are left on them.

Getting your carpet cleaner than ever isn’t rocket science and can easily be done in an afternoon or any other time you can spare. You’ll need to invest in a few tools in order to get the job done right. First is a quality carpet cleaner. This is what’s going to help you get out stains, dirt, grime and anything else that’s making your carpets or rugs dingy, old and dirty. You’ll also need a clean towel, soft scrub brush or microfiber towel to be able to agitate the stain or spot a bit to successfully remove it.

But the right carpet cleaner is essential and the most important part about getting your carpets cleaner than ever! There are a wide variety of commercial carpet cleaners. Look for one that comes in a spray bottle since it’ll make it much easier to spot clean on the fly. To determine which carpet cleaner is the best, do your research. Always read the bottle and check out the company’s website to find out more information on the product. You’ll also want to ensure that the carpet cleaner is the right one for your particular carpet type and the stain on it.

Also, opt for a non-toxic carpet cleaner that is fast acting and solvent-free. You’ll want one that’s easy to use and can remove an assortment of common stains like dirt, grease, grime, pet stains, makeup, wine, food and any other common stain you can think of. Look for carpet cleaners that are easy to use so that you’re not on your hands and knees trying to get the stain or spot out for minutes at time. A quality carpet cleaner should simply spray on, be agitated with a clean sponge for a bit and then lift the stain out.

To prepare your carpets to be cleaned, you’ll want to first vacuum the entire area. But make sure that you pick up any papers, toys or objects that are left lying around, which can obstruct your vacuuming. Before you start vacuuming, though, think about dusting the furniture, blinds, baseboards or window sills first so that the dust that falls on the floor can easily be picked up by the vacuum. Run the vacuum over the entire carpeted space or on all rugs that need to be cleaned. Use the vacuum included nozzle attachments to reach hard-to-clean spots so that the entire space is properly vacuumed and prepared for cleaning.

If you have the right carpet cleaner, you’ll only need to spray the formula on stained or spotted areas, making sure to soak in the stain. With a clean microfiber towel or sponge, gently agitate the area a bit to dissolve the stain. If you want, go over the stain with another clean sponge soaked in water to remove any excess carpet cleaner solution.

Find one That Doubles As An Upholstery Cleaner
Instead of having so many cleaners at home, many carpet cleaners also do double-duty as an upholstery cleaner! This means you get more cleaning power in one convenient formula. So, if you ever get a stain or spot on your living room couch, you simply reach for your handy carpet cleaner! It’ll save space in your cleaning supply closet and save you money in the long run. An effective carpet cleaner will also be a better upholstery cleaner.

Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Products
Because you care about the safety of your family and pets, always go with non-toxic carpet cleaning products when possible. Too many carpet cleaning products these days are filled with harmful and harsh chemicals. Look for carpet cleaning products that are GRENGUARD Certified, which means they have low chemical emissions. Your carpets and family will thank you for it!