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Home design ideas: How to decorate with peach colors, without looking saccharine


Designer Jocelyn Chiappone’s clients have contrasting tastes, so she balanced that in this dining room design. “The traditional piece is the table, while the chairs have modern appeal,” she says.Greg Premru

In this South End dining room for a young family of four, Jocelyn Chiappone married the couple’s disparate tastes — she favors traditional and he leans modern — by channeling Art Deco style. “The traditional piece is the table, while the chairs have modern appeal,” says Chiappone, principal of Digs Design Company. From there, she layered in circa-1920 details, such as the radial patterning of the console, the arcs of the rug, and glamorous hits of brass. The color scheme, which pairs soft pastels with stark darks, accentuates the effect.

1 A Patterson Flynn carpet in cream, gray, camel, and blush was the starting point. “The modern scallop pattern is playful so we kept the rest quiet and sophisticated,” the designer says.

2 Two different chair styles enliven the ensemble, as do the upholstery pairings. “The angles of the silhouettes are heightened by the contrasting fabrics,” Chiappone says.

3 The table’s light gray, antiqued finish keeps it from feeling heavy while the details — clipped corners and vertical beading — enhance Chiappone’s multilayered approach. “It has some patina, which was purposeful since this is where the family eats every day,” she says.

4 The pale green Hwang Bishop ceramic lamps were handcrafted in Warren, Rhode Island. “The matching china was serendipity,” she says. “We discovered it after the fact.”

5 A Phillip Jeffries grass-cloth wallcovering with metallic threads brightens the space. “The room is on the ground level so there’s not a lot of light,” Chiappone says. “This is very reflective.”

6 The brass and acrylic chandelier has simple lines but plenty of flair. “It looks great with pieces in the entry, too,” she says. “I think of lighting as a cohesive connection throughout the home.”

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