December 8, 2023


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Greenhouse Kits Help Fill The Scarce Food Gap

Getting back to the basic way of life and providing for a family is not always easy. Gardening and Farming go hand in hand and have been around since the beginning of time. If we didn’t have gardens or farms then where would our food come from. Greenhouse growers save money, have more success with plants and live healthier.

What would you do if you had no food or couldn’t find the foods you wanted or needed in the grocery store? We have come to rely on the grocery stores to provide for all food and groceries needed. What would you do if they closed the grocery stores and we couldn’t get our food from there anymore? Have you ever considered this idea? It’s not a pleasant thought since we live in a world of convenience and want everything quick and instantly. However, with the economy and weather patterns it might be something to consider. Food will become more scarce unless more people start planting gardens to help farmers and the food supply in the economy.

Before the food gets to the grocery store the farmers have to plant it. With more and more natural disasters it’s harder to get a good crop from what was planted. Think about a farmer that planted 100 acres of green beans and another 100 acres of corn or has a field full of cows, chickens, and pigs. That’s plenty of vegetables and meat when harvested, but if a storm hit and these crops or animals are destroyed then it will effect more than just the farmer. The food that was groceries going to the stores is now lost and won’t be in the stores to be purchased. When this happens where and how will a family get the food needed to survive and stay healthy?

Starting your own garden is an excellent idea and will help to give you the food and exercise you need to stay healthy. Gardening is only a smaller version of a farm and will easily feed a family. When planting a garden no one wants to fail and the weather, which is beyond our control, will affect your plants tremendously. The weather is a major factor to consider when planting.

So how does a person find success with gardening with so many unpredictable weather patterns now? Simply provide the plants with the environment they need to grow and flourish. To do that will require some type of greenhouse so the plants will not be outside unprotected and will have a controlled environment. Greenhouse Kits are available in many different sizes now and give the needed controlled environment for the plants. This controlled environment allows for healthier plants and longer life of the plants. Plants seem to produce more also.

Storms are becoming more unpredictable everyday and with the storms comes a variety of new insects and diseases as well as disasters. The airborne diseases can travel in the air or in the insects. Then this air and the insects effect the garden plants. Plants become diseased and these unknown insects are eating more of the plants before they have a chance to grow and become strong. This is one reason why so many people are starting to use greenhouses more. It is a way to protect the crops of food and young garden plants from dying.

While plants are young and just starting to grow is when the insects seem to want to eat them the most. This is why so many young plants don’t survive in the open. Protecting your young plants can be done with a cold frame greenhouse, house greenhouse or hoop greenhouse. There are several types and styles of greenhouses kits that are affordable. The money you put into purchasing a greenhouse kit will pay for itself over and over. It is a one time investment and the greenhouse kit can have a variety of uses as things change every year.

There are a variety of greenhouse uses and some dual uses that plant food and raise fish in the same greenhouse and at the same time. This provides the world with fish and food to eat. Having the greenhouse is making it possible to achieve this operation.

People don’t need to go hungry and planting a garden is the perfect solution. People that live in the city can purchase greenhouse kits that fit perfectly on balconies, patio’s or indoors. A community garden works well for people that are rushed all the time, don’t know much about gardening or say they don’t have time. Plan to do something now before the food scarce hits home and it is to late for a solution.

Join in the help today to stop starvation. Plant a garden and eat healthier. Purchase a Greenhouse Kit to protect the plants and help them to grow healthy and stronger. Everyone needs to get involved to help solve this situation. Let’s be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. Don’t let the children and elders die of starvation.