March 4, 2024


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Exposing The Best Of The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

When you are searching for a carpet cleaning company, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. Factors to be considered largely depend on the different cleaning methods and techniques offered by different companies. As a matter of fact, there are several methods that are recognized in this industry and they include the following methods as listed below.

Dry cleaning: In this method corn husks are grounded into powder and mixed with a solvent which is applied afterward on the surface of the fabric. The rug is then vacuum-cleaned to take up the dirt. A water-based solution is subsequently applied using a pump sprayer and a clean pad that is rotated over the rug, thus transferring the particles into the pad.

Shampoo: In this method, a shower fed brush scrubber is used to dispense the shampoo solution which cleans the carpet. This is among the 2 best methods used by industrial clients due to the very fact that the use of shampoo is more economical as compared with all the other available solutions and it is readily available.

Steam washing: In this method, the fabric is first placed on a raised surface and using a portable machine, hot water is then sprayed equally on the rug using sprayers from the machine. A suction port which is usually placed next to the sprayers sucks the dirt solution from the rug into a holding tank. The contents of the holding tank may then be disposed of.

Vacuuming: This is a method where a vacuum cleaner is used to suck up dirt and any other dry particles before the actual washing is done. The vacuum cleaner is readily available in most homes due to its affordability.

A commercial pile lifting vacuum cleaner is an alternative technique of washing a carpet. A machine with multiple brushes is fed with a cleansing solution that will be applied to the area that is to be washed. Application of the solution is done by the brushes which spin in either direction thus ensuring thorough results. The solution is allowed to settle on the fabric.

By so doing, the dirt is suspended from the fabric and using the steam washing method listed above, the dirt is then extracted. Since a large percentage of dirt is normally carpet stain and dry particles, most of the methods mentioned above will require a thorough vacuuming before the actual washing commences.