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Experts explain why our traditional cleaning methods still leave a lot of stains behind


(Very good Things Utah) Incidents come about all the time — specifically if our beloved animals are involved. Nevertheless, most pet homeowners however consider retail outlet-bought cleaners are heading to do the trick in eliminating that ‘indoor pet accident’ from their rugs or carpets.

In accordance to the professionals from Urine Exterminator by Ability In addition Cleansing & Restoration, this could not be even more from the reality.

Even though messes sink deep into carpet fibers, standard pet and household cleaners only take care of the surface of the affected location — successfully leaving the the vast majority of the mess nonetheless underneath.

Possessing been in the sector for around 31 yrs now, industry experts Devron Larson and Kade Church with Urine Exterminator joined us on Excellent Matter Utah to show how much pet urine we’re leaving in our carpets and what their remedy process is like.

For people pet house owners who’re doubtful if their dwelling house has underlying stains and odors, Urine Exterminator presents a No cost Pet Urine Scan that will ascertain how a lot mess has been still left behind and where by. Even better, mention ‘GTU’ for $50 OFF a 4-Layer Cure.

For more data and to plan a session, go to www.UrineExterminator.com or simply call them right now at 801-CARPETS (227-7387).

Pet Urine Cure Process

The trustworthy gurus from Urine Exterminator will intently inspect all harm to carpets to determine the severity of carpet hurt. With this, they suggest the most proper of 3 treatment solutions for revitalizing pet-urine stained carpets.

Topical Remedy for Mild Pet Urine Injury

The to start with amount of therapy is executed for delicate conditions of pet urine staining — most commonly with smaller animals. This course of action gets rid of any urine residue from only the carpet’s fibers, devoid of impacting the backing or pad.

A lot of pick out this selection when stains are quite small, however not built to eliminate any important odors.

4-Layer Treatment method for Odor Removal

For moderate situations of pet urine and odor. This stage penetrates and treats all 4 levels of flooring, dissolving urine salts and effectively removing any urine odor in the process.

Employing a device referred to as a flash extractor, gurus concentrate all suction and power into a compact place of staining, pulling out the highest amount of resolution and staining.

**Confirmed to eliminate up to 90% of the odor-creating urine in carpets

Complete Urine Extermination System

Suggested for intense to excessive scenarios, this system is the most powerful way to do away with pet urine and odor in carpets — aside from replacing them — by pulling the impacted carpet, eradicating contaminated padding, and sealing sub-flooring. Authorities will then install a new pad.

The carpet’s backing is then comprehensively cleaned, then reinstalled back again into its authentic location. Following this the full carpet is addressed, removing all pet urine and odor from carpet fibers.

**Established to get rid of up to 95% of urine. The most powerful way to handle these stains.

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Mention ‘GTU’ and obtain $50 OFF a 4-Layer Procedure!


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