April 18, 2024


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End-of-site cleaning: the keys to its success

A property’s construction or renovation is often synonymous with a colossal investment, emotionally, temporally, or financially. You meticulously knew how to choose your decorator and workforce and find the best materials.

You knew how to be patient during the realization of the work with the sole aim of admiring the final result within the given deadlines. The time to invest in the premises is approaching. However, a detail still needs to be settled: restoring the place to be free from junk after this long renovation using junk haulers near me

In order to avoid your construction site taking twice the time necessary, there are simple and effective ways to prepare your interior and ensure a perfect cleaning of your house or apartment.

Preparing your site well: An essential step

You may not have the opportunity to leave your accommodation during work, but the preparation phase is all the most important. The keyword will be storage, whether you do your work yourself or hire artisans. Indeed, providing quality and efficient work in an empty or less cluttered space is easier.

Free-up space

We recommend that, if possible, you completely empty the room you plan to renovate. However, if it seems too much work, you can hire a clearance company to help you with that, as it involves protecting your properties.

If you don’t have enough space for this, keep only the big pieces of furniture by placing skates or roller stands underneath, so they will be easily moved around the room so as not to get in the construction way. 

Protect your items

Depending on the room you want to renovate, you may need to protect certain objects or clothes to prevent breakage and your belongings from gathering too much dust. The easiest way is to put them inside cardboard and tape them. Thus isolated, your belongings can be stored in a safe place.

Cover furniture and floor

During the work, your furniture that will remain in the room will see all the colors with dust, splashes of paint, glue, falling tools, etc.). It is, therefore, more than necessary to protect them effectively. We advise you first to put an old sheet or felt to cushion in case of shock. Then you can cover the surface with polyene film and tape to minimize dust intake.

Partition of the workspace

If the room does not have a door or you are renovating only part of a large open room, it is preferable to partition to isolate the site from the rest of the accommodation. To do this, stretch polyene film between the ceiling and the floor, fix it with staples or double-sided tape, and make an ugly overlap of at least 20 centimeters between each tarp. Thus, you ensure maximum sealing.

During the works, we recommend that you pass the broom at the end of each working day to avoid having too much dust at the end of the construction window.

Cleaning after work

The work on your interior is finally finished, but your house now looks like a war zone! Here are our recommendations of the steps to follow for a thorough cleaning:

  • Ventilate the work area while closing the doors of the other rooms so that the dust does not appear in the other rooms.
  • It’s time to remove most of the dust from the top of the furniture, then dust the sides of the furniture and the doors and finish with the floor.
  • You can now undo all the protections put in place during construction to expose your furniture and floors. During this step, we strongly advise you to vacuum from floor to ceiling to remove the last traces of dust. Using a construction vacuum cleaner with a filter suitable for receiving plaster dust is best because your household vacuum cleaner could be damaged.
  • A dry steam cleaner is most effective for cleaning walls and other surfaces.
  • The last cleaning phase is removing junk leftover during construction or renovation. First, you have to pack the waste or garbage on one side. Afterward, contact a junk removal service near me to help you remove the bulky trash.
  • Likewise, the junk haulers near me will give you an impeccable finish without tiring yourself from packing and dumping the junk.


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