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Consumers Need to Beware of Home Repair and Improvement Scams | News

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-According to a consumer warning issued by Attorney General Josh Shapiro, homeowners need to be wary of home repair and improvement scams triggered by Hurricane Aida.

He also reminded homeowners of their rights when interacting with home refurbishers.

“As Pennsylvania rebuilds and recovers from the wreckage of Hurricane Aida, fraudsters try to take advantage of consumer panic to make a profit. Make a suspicious offer to my office to a Pennsylvania homeowner. I’m asking you to report, “said Justice Secretary Shapiro.

“If you have any concerns about a one-sided home renovation contractor, or if you would like to see your contractor’s registration information before paying for the home renovation, please contact my office by email. scams@attorneygeneral.gov Or call 1-800-441-2555. “

As part of the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, homeowners need to keep in mind:

  • Home refurbishers must provide a free copy of the full contract.
  • You have the right to cancel your home renovation contract without penalty within 3 business days from the date of signing, unless required by law in case of an emergency such as a power outage or water outage.
  • A home renovation contract is not enforceable on the consumer if it does not contain all the information required by law.
  • The contractor may not request or receive payment for the home renovation before the home renovation contract has been signed. After the contract is signed, the contractor may not request more than one-third of the contract price totaling more than $ 5,000 before the project is completed.
  • All contractors are required to display the official registration number on all contracts, quotations, suggestions, and advertisements distributed within the federal government.

The Attorney General’s office reminded Pennsylvanians:

  • After a storm like Hurricane Aida, homeowners may see more cases of fraud related to home renovation contracts and government loans and grants.
  • Legitimate contractors and government agencies do not make unilateral offers to Pennsylvania.
  • Legitimate organizations also do not demand large sums of money and provide written quotes and contracts before signing a contract.
  • Pennsylvania law requires contractors who make a total of more than $ 5,000 a year to renovate their homes to register with the Office. Pennsylvanians are advised to call or email the office to confirm their contractor registration.

Pennsylvanians are also encouraged to take proactive steps to protect themselves from home renovation scams in the following ways:

  • Contact your insurance company to ensure that your improvements are covered by your insurance company’s policies. Do not sign an insurance check or charge a contractor after the homeowner has selected a contractor to complete the repair.
  • Arrange a certificate of completion with your bank or credit union. The bank pays the contractor for each stage of work after the contractor approves it.

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Consumers Need to Beware of Home Repair and Improvement Scams | News

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