February 28, 2024


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Cleaning’s A B*tch, Here Are 40 Things That Make It SO MUCH Easier

If anyone out there likes cleaning, please consider telling me your secrets. And I don’t mean “likes cleaning” as in “appreciates a clean home.” No, I mean someone who legitimately enjoys the acts of scrubbing and wiping and scouring and dusting — because as much as I’ve tried, I’m just not there. Those tasks feel laborious to me, and while I would love to enjoy them, I just… don’t. The one exception is, of course, vacuuming. It’s hands-down the best chore, because the results are pretty instantaneous. And, despite the fact that I’ve been vacuuming since I was a kid, I still feel a bit like a magician since it’s technically a machine that’s doing all the hard work (and I’m mostly standing there and shuffling around a bit).

Anyway, the vacuum is a good reminder that there are a few things we can do to make cleaning bearable. Having the right supplies and equipment is high on the list, right above having a curated playlist or audiobook queued up. And if you don’t know where to start when it comes to your cleaning supplies, then this list is for you.

Cleaning may be a b*tch, but here are 40 things that make it so much easier.


A Pack Of Brushes That Gives You So Many Options You May Never Need Others

This brush cleaning set checks not one — but two — important boxes: It has multiple types of brushes to maximize your cleaning efforts, and it’s also budget friendly. The five brushes have sturdy nylon bristles, and you can choose between green, yellow, and blue accents. And while they’re meant for the kitchen, they’ll work in a number of capacities around your home, including the bathroom.


This Simple Broom & Dustpan Set That Streamlines One Of Our Most Inevitable Chores

I don’t call myself a cleaning expert, but I do know this: Brooms need dustpans. And this easy broom and dustpan set clips together and stands upright for simple storage (or you can hang them together). Plus, the long handles for both broom and pan mean you can cover lots of space without being slowed down to collect the debris.


A Best-Selling Mop & Bucket Set That Will Make You Feel Like A Pro

This highly-rated mop and bucket set is a game changer. It has a built-in, hands-free wringer that’s controlled by a foot lever, and the mop head is removable and machine washable, too. Not only that, the versatile shape means it can reach corners and even the tightest nooks.


These Drill Brushes To Make It Possible To Scrub With The Press Of A Button

If you want more excuses to bust out your power tools, I’ve got some great news for you. This drill brush power scrubbing set has six different brush attachments which are color-coded and designed for a variety of cleaning tasks that are made simpler with your cordless drill. There are seven different color choices, including one multicolored option.


A Pack Of Magic Sponges For All Your Soap-Free Cleaning Projects

If the name of the product has “magic” in it, then you know you’re in for a treat. These foam scrubbers only require water for cleaning and can be cut to shape. They work on a variety of surfaces and spaces — including walls and countertops — and can be rinsed and dried when done.


This Brilliant Attachment That Helps Clean Your Dryer Vents

If your dryer vent never feels totally clear even after you empty it, then you might be interested in a dryer vent cleaning kit. The hose and nozzle attachments — which come in green or blue — work with a variety of vacuums and give you up to to 33 inches of flexibility for cleaning difficult spaces.


A Set Of Storage Bins To Make Your Fridge The Cleanest Part Of Your Kitchen

Sometimes it’s easier to maintain an organized space than it is to clean a messy one. Case in point: This pack of six freezer storage bins. The bins come in a range of sizes (including a soda can dispenser), and are all durable and transparent. Plus, most have handles so you can slide them like drawers to check their contents.


A Cute & Compact Vacuum For All Your Desktop Cleaning Needs

This cordless desktop vacuum makes it easy to keep your workspace — or your kitchen table — clean and free of dust and debris. It’s available in white and orange and uses batteries to work, making it a cordless cleaning option. Plus, the small, portable design makes it easy to use all over your home or on the go.


This Clever Shelf That Fits Under Your Sink

Did you know that the area under the sink doesn’t need to be cluttered and chaotic? This two-tier, expandable under-sink shelf gives you usable space in a sleek and tidy way. The length range goes from 15 to 25 inches, and there are four different shelf heights to choose from. It’s available in white, bronze, and silver.


A Stain Remover That Works On The Toughest Spills

If you ask me, a tried and true stain remover is a necessity for most households — and buyers swear by this best-selling, professional-grade cleaner. It’s developed to be safe and nontoxic, yet effective for use on all kinds of stains on a variety of fabrics. You can buy it as a single bottle or in a set of two.


This High-Powered Cleaner That Works Especially Well For Pet Stains

Not all cleaners are the same, which is why a pet stain remover like this one is clutch for households with animals. What’s great about Woolite’s INSTAclean is that it works within seconds to remove stains and pet-related odors. This set comes with two 22-ounce bottles, plus a bonus Stomp ‘N Go stain-lifting pad.


A Toilet Cleaner That Makes Your Bathroom Smell Like A Tropical Paradise

The mango and hibiscus smell of this popular toilet bowl cleaner, along with the simple application process, are what sets it apart. The scented gel insert clings to porcelain and releases fragrance whenever the toilet is flushed, while also fighting water stains and mineral rings. Each cleaner is lasts up to two weeks, and there are six in each box.


This Set Of Versatile Bottle Brushes For Your Water Bottles & More

Having a five-pack of bottle brushes means there will always be a clean one on hand (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). The smallest brush is sized for straws, and the others fit all the way up to thermoses and wine bottles. The bristles on each brush are hardy nylon, with durable stainless steel wires.


These Amber Glass Bottles You Can Use With Your Favorite Products

Some darkened glass, like that which these amber glass spray bottles are made with, helps protect the contents of the bottle, making them great for beauty or cleaning products. This extensive set includes 14 bottles with different lid types, including roller balls, sprayers, and pumps, along with labels, a white marker, and two funnels.


A Laundry Soap Bar That’s Super Versatile & Smells Great

The Laundress products have a devoted following, and with clever products like this laundry soap bar, it’s easy to see why. Not only does it smell great, you can use it to treat tough stains, wash on the go, and even to freshen up clothes that aren’t typically safe to launder. Each bar is two ounces, and made with vegetable soap, borax, and essential oils.


This Best-Selling Carpet Cleaning To Keep Your Floors Looking Great

This water-based and odor-free carpet spot remover can tackle carpet stains left from grease, red wine, coffee, and more. Each bottle contains 32 ounces of cleaner, and you can buy a single bottle all the way up to a package of six. Plus, it has over 41,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This Convenient Soap Dispenser For One-Handed Sponge Refills

This clever gadget is both a sponge caddy and soap dispenser in one. The pump mechanism allows you to add new soap to your sponge with a simple press of your hand, cutting down the time spent doing dishes. The silver accents and nonslip base make it a useful addition to any kitchen.


A Set Of Burner Covers That Make Annoying Stove Clean-up A Thing Of The Past

If you have a gas stove, you might already understand how burner covers are the real MVP. They protect your stovetop from messes and spills, and they can be easily removed for cleaning maintenance. This set comes with ten covers, all of which can be cut and trimmed for a custom fit.


A Car Cleaner That Will Make You Want To Drive Everywhere

Save yourself the time and money it normally takes to get your car detailed with a versatile car cleaner. From Car Guys, this water-based formula is made to clean both inside and outside of your car and is suitable for surfaces like leather, vinyl, rubber, and carpet. Plus, an applicator cloth is included.


An Adaptable Vacuum That You Can Use Without Breaking A Sweat

Show me a vacuum that’s easy to use, and I’ll show you a clean floor. This lightweight, bagless vacuum weighs only 3 pounds and comes in bright colors along with a classic black. You can use it as a standard floor vacuum, as a hand vacuum, or even as a stair vacuum — and a crevice tool attachment is included.


An Electronics Cleaning Brush You Didn’t Know That You Can’t Live Without

This electronics cleaning brush is roughly the size of a pen, and it has two different heads so you can so you can gently and effectively clean your electronics. One side has retractable bristles and the other side has a silicon wiper that grabs dust and debris. You can use it on phones, keyboards, cameras, and more.


A Squeegee That Gives You Sparkly Clean Windows

If the last time you used a handheld squeegee was at a gas station, have I news for you. They can be useful at home, too — especially when it comes to cleaning windows, mirrors, and showers. This one, which comes in white or gray, has a 10-inch silicone wiper blade that promises to be streak-free cleaning, and a comfortable, ergonomic handle.


This Clever Double-Brush That Speeds Up Dishwashing

A one-handed way to scrub glasses? Yes, please. This double-brush glass scrubber allows you to clean inside and outside your containers with one turn of the wrist. Three suction cups keep it in place in your sink, and the different bristle styles work with glasses, jars, bottles, and more.


A Silent Toilet Seat That Closes Slowly

If you ask me, bathrooms look about 20 times cleaner when the shower is closed and the toilet seat is down. Thankfully, this soft-close toilet seat and lid can make a lot of sense for anyone who likes a tidy bathroom. It’s designed to close slowly and quietly, and it’s easy to install. This seat is also durable and resistant to fading.


This Simple Toilet Brush & Holder Set That Uses Silicone Bristles To Clean

If a toilet needs to be cleaned, we might as well have a good brush to do it, right? This bright white and gray toilet brush and holder set is contemporary and practical, blending into most bathroom decor. The silicone brush bristles are softer than most traditional spiky bristles, making scrubbing a breeze. The brush head is also removable and washable.


A Best-Selling Broom With Rubber Bristles For Pet Hair & Fuzz

Pet owners, assemble: This fur-removing broom is here to save the day. The rubber bristles work on hard floors, carpets, upholstery, and more. There’s a squeegee edge that also cleans windows and glass, and the handle telescopes, making it versatile for different spaces and users. You can buy both the pole and brush head together or in separate components.


This Set Of Drain Snakes That Save You From Calling The Plumber

It’s not a fun job, but somebody has to do it — and it may as well be you and not an expensive plumber, right? This three-pack of drain snakes comes in 19.6-inch and 25-inch options and work to unclog kitchen sinks or bathroom drains — all without chemicals or cleaners. Instead, the spiky edges catch debris as they enter and exit the drain.


A Top-Rated Lint Remover To Freshen Your Clothes At Home Or On The Go

Available in grey and blue, this handheld lint remover can be used on clothes or furniture (all thanks to the enclosed shaver that works to de-fuzz). There are different options for handle shapes, along with choices between AC power and battery options. The stainless steel blades are meant to last for years — but replacements are included, too.


These Hair-Catching Drain Stickers That You Can Throw Away

If the idea of cleaning a drain trap makes you squeamish, I have good news. These disposable shower drain stickers don’t need to be cleaned — only removed and discarded. They come in packs of 25, and are meant to be used for two to three weeks at a time. That way, a full pack can give you roughly a year of coverage.


A Handy Caddy That You Can Use To Bring Supplies From Room To Room

Great for stashing under the sink in between cleaning sprees, this plastic caddy is sized for a range of products and helps protect surfaces from leaks or drips. You can use the gray and orange bin on its own, but the maker also offers a coordinating bucket you can purchase separately.


These Versatile Sponges That Come In A Range Of Colors So You Can Color Code

This highly rated four-pack of color-coded sponges means no more pausing to wonder which sponge is meant for which task. One side is a sponge, and one a scrubber, and they’re meant to withstand multiple uses. The best part? They can even be washed in the dishwasher.


This MVP Carpet Foam That Cleans & Freshens Your Floor

This carpet foam has a three-step process: spray, scrub, and vacuum. Not only does it clean and deodorize, it also protects your floor from future stains and wear. It comes in a pack of four 22-ounce cans, and you can buy it on its own or with coordinating products for extra odor protection or stain removal.


A Drain Opener That Straight-Up Liquifies The Contents Of Your Pipes

This chemical drain opener takes over where plungers and drain snakes leave off. It’s suitable for sinks, showers, tubs, and even toilets (which not all chemical drain dissolvers are). Each bottle includes two pre-measured applications in separate chambers, so you can plan accordingly.


These Reusable Rubber Gloves That Protect Your Hands From Dirt & Germs

These rubber gloves are reusable and come in packages of three, five, or 10, and in sizes small through extra-large. They’re shaped differently for right and left hands, making them comfortable and easy to work in. Three different colors are available (red, yellow, and green), so you designate certain colors for certain chores.


A Cordless Electric Spin Brush That Will Get Your Shower Squeaky Clean

If this list has taught me anything, it’s that I don’t own enough motorized scrubbing devices. Case in point, this handheld electric spin brush that comes with three different brush heads and that works on a variety of bathroom surfaces. It charges with a simple AC adapter plug — and once ready, you can scrub an entire shower with one hand.


This Cleaner That Makes Your Wood Look Like New

You had me at “purifying.” This deep-cleaning wood cleaner comes out as a foam that’s simple to use, and it easily wipes away even toughest spills and stains without leaving streaks or residue behind. You can use it on different types of wood in your home, including furniture, doors, and paneling.


A Headlight Cleaning Kit That Makes Your Lights Brighter & Safer

This headlight restoration kit takes just one application, and it comes with everything you need for clear and clean headlights. The set includes a pair of rubber gloves, a single-use wipe with cleaner, a polishing pad, and a microfiber towel. One customer referred to their headlights and wrote, “They were hazy and cloudy as in the before picture and were crystal clear after the treatment. Super easy to use as well!”


This Makeup Brush & Sponge Shampoo To Clean Your Makeup Essentials

Available as a shampoo, as infused cloths, or in dissolving cleaning sheets, Ecotools’ best-selling makeup cleaner comes highly rated. The shampoo is meant to be used on a weekly basis for long-term maintenance and care of brushes. Worth noting, EcoTools is also PETA-certified and a cruelty-free company.


These Textured Microfiber Cleaning Cloths That Are Great For Windows & More

These microfiber cleaning cloths come in three different colors and with the choice of regular or eco-friendly packaging. They have a waffle weave that just needs water to thoroughly clean glass and windows. The best part? Each pack can clean 300 times and has a three-year guarantee.


A Package Of Durable Trash Bags That Remove Unwanted Odor

“Mountain air” is a much more pleasant scent than garbage, isn’t it? These Glad trash bags have a delightful, clean scent, and they’re made with ForceFlex technology, so they’re extra-strong and sturdy (and less likely to puncture or leak). They’re meant to help remove unwanted odor, and they come in a cost-efficient pack of 50.