May 19, 2024


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Bridgerton Style at Home

We all know and love the Netflix series Bridgerton, which is why we have seen the Regency core trend take off in the interior design world. If you were wondering how you could have this in your own home you are in the right place.

Regency core is at the heart and soul of Bridgerton, so we must fully embrace this, to get the full Bridgerton look in our own homes. To start with, look at your cabinet hardware and door fittings. To get the ultimate bridgerton finesse, you have to get everything spot-on right down to the finer details unless of course you are looking for a more subtle touch.

If you’re looking for the perfect door hardware to captivate a Bridgerton style interior design in your home, you can find a Bridgerton inspired Collection at GJohns Architectural Ironmongers

Changing our door hardware to something more antique and traditional English Ironmongery  really captivates the Bridgerton look and vibe,  elevating your Regency core style decor dream. Depending on the colour and tones you enjoy,  we recommend replicating the iconic bridgerton household colour which is Wedgwood blue, as well as Subdued gold and cream. 

“They’re the prominent family of the social season so we wanted their colour palette to be powdery — these pale blues, silvers, and greens that feel like whispers of colour,” Mirojnick told Vogue. The very fact that the colour scheme is described as wispas of colour, tells us the traditional Bridgerton style is not overpowering, but extremely easy on the eye, and simply elegant and beautiful, unless of course you prefer the Featherington style and colour scheme. 

The Netflix series has really inspired a Regency core revival,  we are now filling our homes with lavish chandeliers, and beautiful prints on our soft furnishings. Following the First season we saw more interest in dark brown furniture with antique handles and bird motif wallpaper.  It is this very style that entirely captivates the look and feel of a Bridgerton style home. We have seen minimalism takeover for so long, that is a breath of fresh air to see the style come back into the interior design world. The classicism and symmetry of Regency core decoration is completely inspiring and very open to interpretation. you can introduce subtle tones of Regency style decor or you can completely transform your home back to the 1800s. 

John Lewis and Habitat have an array of Bridgerton style soft furnishings and furniture pieces. From statement beds to persian rugs, and scatter cushions, there is so much choice, ranging from subtle to loud. If you are looking to just dip your toes in the Bridgerton vibe, then cushions are a cost effective route into Regency chic.