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The layout of our house

Blue Glass Apartment by Martín Peláez


It is a in depth housing reform task situated in the youngest space of the Chamberí neigh- borhood within a smaller corrala, a attribute development of Madrid at the finish of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The project respects the first framework of the house, maintaining the two load-bearing partitions and their existing passageways, and functioning on the remaining room by creating different rooms with glass block partitions. A duality involving two worlds is sought. The old, massive and opaque. The new, light and permeable.

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The coloration blue is launched as a chromatic memory component of the unique condition. All the inside carpentry was discovered painted in that shade. According to a number of neighbors, it is something pretty certain about the finda, which however is currently being shed with the distinct transformations carried out in the residences. Adhering to this criterion, the soil of burgundy hydraulic tile put in in the dwelling home region, making a carpet outcome that reveals aspect of the house’s earlier and delivers identification to the space.

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Glass is introduced in the interior partitions, designed with blocks of diverse degrees of opacity de- pending on the confront of the wall, taking part in with transparent and translucent effects, the two gloss and matt, offering visual privateness to the bathroom and master bed room spaces, but letting in convert, the passage of gentle from the road to the inside of the residence. In the major bedroom, significant blackout cur- tains are also additional to provide the flexibility and darkness necessary for moments of snooze.

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The residence is incredibly best, with only 40m2 of surface area, it homes two bedrooms, a complete rest room place and an interconnected space of residing space, dining home and kitchen. It is effective with a delicate geometry, with a curved line to fluidly articulate the distinctive environments of the open up place. And with a radical geometry in the kitchen cabinet, creating an ingredient in the condition of a ladder, as useful as it is aesthetic. This variety, in addition to giving value sculptural, it can be made use of as a shut interior storage guidance, and an open exterior, as a shelf, provide- ing both of those an exciting entrance view from the eating space and a facet perspective from the living space. The storage volumes, the two for the wardrobe and for the kitchen, are hooked up to the dividing partitions and are also introduced in blue, giving all the areas a graphic and enjoyable visual second.

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The proposed furnishing is purely spontaneous. Fleeing from a finished and mounted picture, just about all home furnishings is created by free of charge composition of “things”. Study. The bedside tables are two concrete blocks, the dining table is a pine table leading with wheels, the coffee table is a mirror that levitates on a brick base, the sofa is a volume manufactured up of upholstered foam modules supported on the floor, seeking for horizontality as occurs with the Japanese mattress. The secondary room is equipped with storage and meant to be employed properly as a bed room secondary, workplace room or online games place.

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