July 14, 2024


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Antimicrobial Kitchen Mats: Preventing Bacteria Growth

Antimicrobial Kitchen Mats: Preventing Bacteria Growth

A home or restaurant kitchen is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This is because of the food leftovers on the floors and counter tops, which can be left to rot without you noticing it. These areas are also greasy and full of moisture, which is why it is necessary to keep the kitchen dirt-free and clean all the time. A dirty food preparation space will almost always invite pests like cockroaches and this can spoil food and can spread contaminants on the cooking utensils. You really do not want customers complaining or even getting your family sick just because of a poorly maintained kitchen.

Aside from kitchen cleaning agents, you can use antimicrobial kitchen mats to help you with cleaning your home or restaurant kitchen. Antimicrobial means anti-bacterial and it prevents the spread of any bacteria in the kitchen, which is really the whole point of keeping the kitchen clean. These special kitchen mats help keep the walking area free of any dirt, food, moisture and grease. It is made of dense rubber to ensure that it sticks on the floor properly to prevent any accidental slippage. Such mats are also designed with drainage hole to prevent accidental liquid spills from lying dormant on the floor and becoming breeding grounds for bacteria. Furthermore, these matting products provide relief from stress especially when standing for long periods. To make sure that your kitchen is safer and cleaner, it is important to invest in products that keep spaces free of bacteria and moisture.

Antimicrobial mats are advantageous to people who work long hours in restaurants, bars, and other food preparation areas. The soft gel under the mat helps relieve the tension from standing while cooking. These kitchen mats come in different colors, designs and sizes to fit the interiors of the kitchen as well. You can choose what type of antimicrobial matting you want. Do you need ones that have high absorption properties? If so, you should get fabric cover models. If you need a product for drainage and slip-resistance, you should look for antimicrobial nitrile rubber models. These matting products are grease as well, delivering an additional anti-slip and anti-corrosive properties from which that food preparation settings may surely benefit.

Antimicrobial kitchen mats are antifungal. It is designed with properties that will prevent the spread of bacteria. Once the bacteria are exposed to the mat, it is destroyed immediately. Antimicrobial kitchen mats have several functions, which have been mentioned already. It is antibacterial, antifungal, grease-resistance, skid-resistant and has anti-fatigue properties too. Working in the kitchen for long hours is tough work especially if these people work in a hot, greasy and wet environment. It can really make them exhausted immediately. With the presence of antimicrobial kitchen mats, the kitchen will be a happier place to work in.

What are the other things you need to know about antimicrobial kitchen mats? For one, these commercial-grade mats are made with Aegis MicroGuard Technology. The antimicrobial agent will not wear off easily. Another thing is that the front and back fibers of the mat will kill germs upon contact. If you are worried about cleaning these kitchen mats, there is no need to worry. You can simply vacuum or hose to wash the dirt off then hang to dry.