May 21, 2024


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All About Carpet Dry Cleaning

Many people have carpets in their homes. Carpets are a very important thing to have in a home not only for their aesthetic purposes, but because of the many roles they play in a home.

Firstly, a carpet provides a warm place where people can walk around in the house, instead of a walking on a cold hard concrete or wooden floor.They also create a warm and very safe place for young vulnerable children and pets to run around in and play without any fear of getting hurt.

In the long run however, carpets get dirty and need to be cleaned out. When they get dirty, micro-organisms like bacteria or fungi can find a place to grow and this is dangerous for all members of the household.

Depending on the materials that were used to manufacture the carpet, there are many ways of cleaning it. One of them is dry cleaning. Many times, the owner of the carpet may find it rather hard to do the cleaning himself or herself and it is therefore easier to simply call in a professional carpet cleaner.There are many carpet cleaning companies that can offer great cleaning services to clients.

The first step in carpet dry cleaning is pre vacuuming of the carpet. This is done to remove as much of the physical dirt and debris as possible. This is very useful in getting rid of dry soiling and grit. The best vacuum cleaners to use are the commercial upright ones. The stronger the vacuum cleaner and the higher the rating, the better. By using a commercial vacuum cleaner, you will do a much better job in removing deep down dirt and grime which become trapped in the carpet fabric over time.

The next step after the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed, is to spray the carpet with some encapsulation products or dry cleaning products which are water based. After waiting 30 minutes, the carpet can then be dry cleaned. This is done using floor buffers or encapsulation machinery. Filters in the carpet dry cleaning equipment should be changed regularly in order to ensure they do the best possible job at cleaning your carpets. Always ensure the carpet is cleaned evenly and uniformly.

Once that step is completed, visible germ spots and carpet stains can be treated using a large broom and chemical spot remover. Finally the carpet is then raked gently and slowly until all its fibers are reset.