February 27, 2024


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4 Terrible Practices Every Forklift Driver Should Avoid

The 15 Forklift Safety Tips To Avoid Injuries | BigRentz

Operating a forklift can be a dangerous and hazardous job. Despite this, there are still many forklift operators who do not follow safe operating practices. To help prevent workplace accidents and ensure the safety of all workers, it is important to understand and avoid common bad practices when operating forklifts Sydney. This post outlines some of them below.


To ensure safe operation, all forklift operators must adhere to the speed limits that are established for their workplace. Speeding on a forklift is dangerous and can easily result in loss of control, putting not only the driver but also any bystanders at risk of injury or worse. It is important to remember that most forklifts lack braking systems that are designed for high-speed maneuvering, so it is essential to keep speeds low.

Ignoring Safety Checks:

To make sure the workplace remains safe and the vehicle is in good working condition, it’s important to conduct regular safety checks on forklifts Sydney. Safety checks are often done when a driver is clocking in or out of their shift, but they should also be conducted regularly throughout the day as well.

These safety checks should include checking the tire pressure, brakes, steering, throttle, and all other relevant aspects of the machine. It’s also important to inspect for any damage or wear and tear that could compromise the safety of the vehicle.

Not Wearing a Seatbelt:

One of the worst habits that any forklift driver can have is not wearing a seatbelt. Operating a forklift without a seatbelt puts the driver at serious risk of being ejected from the vehicle in the case of an accident or sudden stop.

It’s also important to make sure that you adjust the lap and shoulder straps to fit snugly so that you remain secure while operating the forklift. Not doing so can cause you to slide out of the seat during sudden stops or turns, increasing your chances of injury.

Carrying Overweighted Loads:

Forklift operators need to be extremely aware of the weight and size of loads they are carrying. It is important to never exceed the manufacturer’s load capacity for a specific forklift for sale Sydney. If the load being lifted is too large or too heavy, there is a chance it could cause the forklift to tip or the tires to slip, leading to a potential injury or accident. Furthermore, carrying an overweighted load can cause the engine to overheat or fail, resulting in costly repairs.

Operating a forklift is an important job that requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. It’s important to understand the proper techniques for safely operating a forklift to prevent accidents and keep everyone around you safe. Make sure that you are trained well before you buy used forklifts for sale Sydney to ensure maximum safety.